'We Are The Market' Press

Thanks to the We are the Market and Brand Pimps for their coverage of the Tokyo show.

From We Are The Market:
"The 33 and 1/3 artists (the 1/3 being ten-year-old Maceo Villareal, based on age) included in A Nice Set hail from a variety of artistic backgrounds and cities. Instead of limiting the show to a universal visual aesthetic, Hollister selected artists based on talent and the uniqueness of their work, but also sought to select artists who displayed a passion for music in their work and in their lives, regardless of whether they earned their living as an illustrator or a photographer. Many of the artists are DJs and musicians themselves, are involved in the design side of the music industry, or are uncommonly passionate about music. This project is meant, in part, to be an outlet for the artists to express their feelings about music..."